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  • Harry Fane

Up there with the Gods

It made it! If not quite a much as the one at Phillips, this still made US $ 315,000.00 which is a tremendous result. This places another London watch up there in the heavens on a cloud of their own. This model had sticking-out lugs which the previous model did not have. If I am allowed to be picky, I prefer the plainer version. There is little more to say. Even if this price boost is because of the London origin, Cartier watches are on the march. So few were made and they are so elegant and smart...this is the space to watch...Bravo Bonhams...Bravo new owner...Bravo Jean Jacques Cartier, the last family member to run a family-owned Cartier Maison (London) and the man who was responsible. for the creations of these unique and extraordinary London watches.

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