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  • Harry Fane

Success in Geneva

As predicted, the Cartier multi-gem 'Hindou' bracelet made $ 1,200,000 (CHF 1,110,000). This is the price for these bracelets.

Because of the travel restrictions, I do not see the bracelet myself. Those who did report back, raised three main points:

1) The coloured gemstones section was small...'It's just half a 'Hindou' bracelet' one wag commented.

2) Where are the sapphires? and

3) It was commented that it was 'weird' on...this I cannot translate but fundamentally it means the bracelet did not sit comfortably on the wrist. But, as I stated before, this is an important Cartier piece and for all its faults, it reached a very good price. It's ironic that these multi-gem jewels have become Cartier's most expensive creations. Cartier used these little carved gemstones in such abundance because they were cheap to buy and they could make great looking jewels for little cost!

The sale also produced a good price ($ 100,000) for a gold and enamel Cartier cigarette case, circa 1930. The gold body is decorated with black enamel stripes and, at each end of the case, is a wonderfully enamelled dragon with some small diamond decoration. This box is an example of Cartier's Chinoiserie work. This wasn't the greatest example but interesting none the less.

Equally, a Van Cleef and Arpels very decorative and imaginative clock from the 1920s made over

$ 1 million. These strong prices are indicative of the strength of the market which is underpinned by an ever-increasing interest, from around the world, in the past creation of these great Houses.

Pieces like this will never be made again. They are beautiful, very refined, extremely rare and these elements will consistently push prices higher and higher..and, quite rightly so...

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