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  • Harry Fane

Sothebys Success!

Sotheby's pulled it off! The Cartier 'Tutti Fruitty' bracelet sold for approx $ 1,300,000 including the premiums. Whilst this is far from a record for similar Cartier 'Tutti Fruitty' pieces, it is a record for an 'on-line' sale. Is this the future? Only 'on-line'? This raises many, many questions...

these, we might brooch in a later statement. In the meantime, 'bravo' Sotheby's. I think the jewellery business as a whole will have breathed a sigh of relief that interest in such pieces remains constant.

BTW...I am not sure how Cartier recorded these multi-gem pieces of jewellery in their archives. The nick-name, 'Tutti Fruitti', started appearing in the early 1980s and has stuck. I have never liked it so if anyone knows how Cartier described them, please let us know..

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