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Roll up! Roll up!! Read all about it

Rarely has there been such chatter and discussion about a Mystery clock as there was about this clock prior to the auction yesterday. First, let me point out, once and for all, that this clock was confirmed authentic by Cartier so that (huge) hurdle was cleared. However, the hurdle which couldn't be cleared was the fact this was such a 'moche, laid' little brute. Perhaps that's harsh but compared to the ethereal beauty of the other Mystery clocks this model is quite different. Anyhow, the market agreed and the clock, for all the 'frou-frou' failed to solicit a single bid at yesterday's auction.

However, a brave buyer stepped up after the auction and purchased the clock. I cannot be sure of the price but we should assume it was somewhat under the low estimate.

So what can we take home from this?? Perhaps 'art' is still about's not just the money nor just the name. I am wholly with this very old fashioned idea...

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