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  • Harry Fane

No stopping Cartier

Another strong auction result today. This all coral bracelet sold for $ 212,500 today in New York (against an $ 80-100,000 estimate). This bracelet was made in Cartier, Paris in1932. Coral of this colour is not available anymore. I believe Cartier, at that time, got their coral from the seas off Japan and it has a particular soft pink/salmony/light red tone. It's a wonderful colour. To me, this bracelet was a little too coral...where was some black? This was Cartier's favourite combination, red and black ...the black being enamel or onyx. Yes, there were some small diamonds set along the ridge of the bracelet and I am sure it looks wonderful on but I would have liked to see a bit more of Cartier's colour palette to give a little more definition.

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