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  • Harry Fane

No bargains in our world

In a small Paris auction house, this afternoon a seemingly inconsequential Cartier gold link bracelet was up for sale. It had a modest estimate of Euros 5,000-7,000 but what the auction House had failed to recognise was that this bracelet is the same model as one owned by Marlene Dietrich, the iconic Hollywood actress. Miss Dietrich's bracelet had sold at auction some years back for approximately $ 130,000 so a few players must have been hoping to catch a bargain with this 'sleeper'.. ...But there are no bargains in our world. The bids rose and rose and with the premium added to the final bid, the bracelet realised just over $ 100,000.00. That's a staggering price by any token especially as there was not any specific provenance offered with this lot which might have explained the very high price. Cartier continues to 'sing' at auction and around the world.

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