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  • Harry Fane

Ninja Turtles

The Cartier turtles made around US $ 125,000 altogether. They were such fun and chic. I am not sure how many people wear brooches today but these were whimsical and colourful and 'happy'. I can see a resurgence of people wanting to wear these types of jewels in the future. They are beautifully made and not pretentious in any way. Additionally, a brooch can be worn in a multitude of ways....not just on a lapel.

I don't think these were bought by a single person although perhaps they should have been.

Another lot which caught my eye was this pair of Cartier coral and diamond earclips. They were also chic and elegant. Cartier loved this slightly, pinky coral which came from Japan and is impossible to find now. Today, coral is much nearer fire-engine red...not nearly so attractive. So these earrings, which were modestly estimated prior to the sale, made close to US $60,000 which was not surprising. The problem with coral today is that some types of coral are endangered and there are protections in place making it a problem to travel with any species of coral. The coral Cartier used is not yet on the endangered list but it still is a problem.

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