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  • Harry Fane

Italian Action

Our stage moved to Italy yesterday when Pandolfini Auctions sold an interesting group of original Cartier, Paris 1960s jewellery.

A ring and earrings with a bangle (ordered some years later to match) made for a chic offering of jewellery from the era when jewellery really was chic!!

Cartier, in the 1950s and 60s, made a series of ‘split bombe’ rings…Bombe because the form is literally ‘bomb’ shaped and ‘split’ because one side was almost always pave diamonds and the other with fluted lapis lazuli or coral or set with rubies or emeralds. These rings are incredibly stylish and timeless. They have dimension too, which guarantees they do not go unnoticed. The centre part of the Pandolfini group was the ring…This is a rare model because the split is one half pave white diamonds and the other pave yellow diamonds. So smart! The earrings with the same colour split are small and crescent-shaped and not only will they sit comfortably on the ear but they are understated and elegant. The bangle to match is a little less imaginative…it looks as if Cartier had run out of steam when they came to making it. It could not have been more simple but perhaps this is what the client wanted. This set, each piece with its original Cartier leather box made a total US $ 205,000 and I hope the same buyer bought all three pieces.

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