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  • Harry Fane

Fabulous Cartier Book..Another..

Olivier Bachet and Alain Cartier have achieved the impossible!! Here, in their beautiful two-volume set, these two Cartier experts have produced a book which does not rely on the pieces in the Cartier Museum to make a noteworthy addition to the library of books on Cartier. 90% of previous publications draw practically all their illustrations from the Cartier Museum. Magnificent as each of these items is, everyone has been screaming out for a new book showing us something new and different. Olivier & Alain only approached private collectors and chose a remarkable cross-section of pieces to illustrate, quite beautifully, some really rare and remarkable pieces. Their text is concise and delves into areas where previous publications have feared to tread. This is a must-have book for Cartier aficionados. It's expensive, be warned but it's a beautiful and limited publication. Alain, I gather is writing a follow-up edition which I am looking forward to seeing

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