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Creeping Up..

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Another of the 1991 Cartier, Paris Crash watches sold in Hong Kong at the weekend for

US $ 125,000.00. This is only a couple of weeks after another one made US $ 95,000.00. The trajectory continues pointing skywards. I wonder what the upper limit will be. This is not inexplicable in my eyes. Cartier is a golden name and The Crash is a world-renowned icon of 20th Century watch design. In comparison to Rolexes or Pateks, they are still inexpensive.

The Crash received a recent boost when the beautiful and stylish young jewellery designer, Eugenie Niarchos, (Venyx Jewellery) mentioned, in a recent interview, that she wears a Crash watch given to her as a present by her brother.

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