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  • Harry Fane

Crash Crash Crash!

Oh! The beautiful and startling Cartier ‘Crash’ Watch! .... an icon of London in the Swinging Sixties..a contemporary of the E Type Jaguar, the mini skirt, the ‘Mini’ car and The Beatles. How many watches are recognised world-wide by just their shape alone? Everyone knows the ‘Crash’ and it’s interesting that, over the years, it has created it’s own mythology..

After the small London production (12-ish) which began in the late 1960s with a similarly small re-issue in the late 1980s, Cartier moved the production to Paris and produced a limited series of 400 in 1991.

One of these is coming up at Antiquorum in Hong Kong on May 10th... last November, another from the same series made $ 81,000 at auction which was an anomaly.. this one should make around $ 50,000... let’s watch...

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