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  • Harry Fane

Are they 'in' or are they 'out'?

Brooches..everyone asks 'are brooches coming back?'...I, of course, have no clue but Cartier, in their hey-day, made a lot of brooches. When women dressed like the woman above, everyone wore brooches. They were probably the most sought after 'jewel' after earrings. Today, with leisurewear being the 'a la mode du jour', brooches are harder to wear and, as a result, they been declining in popularity.

Today, there are people who are looking at brooches with fresh eyes. These are not the slaves of trends. They see exquisiteness, whimsy and elegance in brooches and are finding new ways to wear them. On a sleeve, on the waist, at the back of the neck. Look at this coral and diamond 'Carnation' made by Cartier, Paris in the 1950s. It is so beautiful....small and's romantic, stylish and understated. If you wore this, it would not go unnoticed, nor it should.

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