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Aqua Heaven

The tiara which is now so out of fashion was always the most important part of any woman's jewellery wardrobe...The crown, worn on the highest part of the body, the signaler of position and the prerequisite for formal, especially Royal, occasions. View videos of State Dinners at Buckingham Palace in the 1940s and 1950s and one can see the glory of the tiara as the parade of grandees processes into the State Dining Room. Tiaras were what propelled Cartier to the dizzy height of their success. In 1902 Cartier was commissioned to make 27 tiaras for the coronation of Edward V11 in 1902. These orders encouraged them to establish their London base.

This tiara is a simply superb example of Cartier London in the beautiful that it is all in pale blue aquamarine with just a hint of diamonds. Aquamarines were a signature stone of Cartier, London. Whilst it was inexpensive, it was stunning. Cartier tried to corner the market in aquamarines so no-one else could copy this signature look. But like always with Cartier, the stones were only half the equation..the other half was design. This is pure Cartier. Simple, elegant, restrained but strong and complete. What more is there to add, what could be taken away ??

Of course, the tiara converts to a necklace so if one doesn't have too many Royal events in one's diary, this will work well in less formal occasions...

This is an important piece and so far as I am aware, has not been seen before.

To be sold at auction next month...

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