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Aqua Beauty makes a mark

The stunning Cartier aquamarine diadem made US $ 660,000 at the Dorotheum Auction last week. An extremely 'healthy' result especially in these uncertain days and even more so when one considers just how few occasions one attends today where women are wearing tiaras!! It was suggested this diadem could be transformed into a necklace but this was not the case. A very hefty metal fitting had been made to try to make the transformation but not only was this fitting very ugly, it could not make what was made to be worn on the head into something to go around the neck.

Regardless, this was a wonderful piece.

This fascination with Cartier, London knows few bounds....The firm is famous for various specific reasons. One of which is their innovative use of aquamarines in their designs. This was particular to London and when one sees a Cartier aquamarine jewel, one immediately thinks it is probably made in London. Here below is another beautiful creation. This is a necklace which can be converted into a tiara.

This piece was sold at the end of last year in New York where it fetched US $ 828,500 (against an estimate of $ 70-100,000)...

So Cartier 1930s aquamarine jewels are very sought after. In spite of their Art Deco styling, the beauty of the pale blue mixed (always) with white diamonds is proving timeless.

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