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Another 'Bijou Hindou' Bracelet


The last 'bijou Hindou' (or commonly called Tutti Fruitti) bracelet was sold last May (see an earlier mention in this report). The success it achieved was trumpeted as an example of how the auctions can go 'online' and all will be well. This was at the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic. I am not sure now, six months later, if anyone would say that 'all was well'. Yes, that bracelet made US$ 1.3 million + and that certainly was a big price and here, now, another comes to auction at Christie's Geneva. The estimate is a modest $ 600,000 - 1,000,000 so it is going to be interesting to watch what happens this time around. The models are quite different. This has wonderful clasp. In fact, a good third (more or less) of the bracelet is the clasp with the carved gemstone section being quite small. Is this a good thing? As these bracelets are so valuable, it's fair they come under close scrutiny. I do like the clasp design. It is very Cartier and this is always important. Cartier strived to create jewels which exemplified the 'Cartier style' and this is 'the look' which is so recognised and revered today. But should a great 'Hindou', coloured gemstone bracelet be more clasp that coloured gems? I do not think so and where are the sapphires? This is just red and green and for me, I want some blue. I was not sure that when this bracelet is worn, there was not a bit too much of a gap between the carved gemstones. I like my bracelets like this to be tightly packed so there is little air between the stones. For a million dollars, I think these questions need to be considered. However, regardless of any possible faults, this is still a great 'bijou Hindou' bracelet and these are now considered icons of Cartier's golden years. I am sure we will see a strong price for this bracelet too. For anyone looking to own one of these jewels, the budget has to be $ 1m otherwise there's really no chance. Christie's have helpfully listed the 'bijou Hindou' bracelets they have sold with prices and it is interesting to read.

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