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And whilst on the subject..another leggy bird

Of course, it's simply impossible to write about Cartier and flamingos without drawing attention to this one.

Probably one of the most famous jewels in the world, this stunning Cartier diamond and multi-gem, 'Flamingo' brooch was made for the famous Duchess of Windsor right in the middle of the 2nd World War. The design is very much due to the flair of the remarkable Madame Jeanne Toussaint, 'The Panther'..lover and muse of Louis Cartier.

It is so well known, it is not necessary to re-tell the whole story here but on this grey and snowy day in the UK, the thought of flamingos is warming.

Below, is the Cartier, Paris order sheet for this brooch which shows that The Duke of Windsor provided many of the stones himself from old, un-fashionable jewels he possessed.

Madame Toussaint would have been responsible for the dimension. In design, there is little more important than dimension. The brooch is large but not overly so...just large enough to be really 'chic'.

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