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  • Harry Fane

A little beauty

This little beauty displaying all Cartier's brilliance at handling colour appeared at auction in Paris this past week. ....Blue and green, such a famous colour combination which Cartier was utilising back in the earliest years of the 20th Century when they were making Faberge style enamel objets d'art with the same combination of colours. But note the variations of the greens and the varied materials which create a natural textured base to the colour mix...another example of how clever and inventive the Cartier workshops were. This clock dates from circa 1930. Rather than resting on a strut which was most usual for clocks like this, this clock sits upright in a stand. Made of nephrite with an aventurine centre section with subtle ridging which is pure Art Deco. It could be faulted that there are no gems but somehow, I like this. There's something very lovely in the simplicity of this does not need any embellishments. And how nice the original box still exists. This all leads to an explicable $ 95,000.00 price tag.

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